SideView’s weekend Challenge and Answers to Friday Food Quiz number 65

10 Oct

SideView’s weekend challenge was very difficult! This weekend it was NOT a theme, it’s was a CHALLENGE to CREATE an award specifically for ONE blogger as an exclusive award, given only once to one person. 

There are so many wonderful and creative bloggers, so at first I thought I would be stubborn like Cindy – read her wonderful tribute to bloggers, here

…but I have decided that I know a person that is worthwhile of an award and her name is DarlingDee! I am not going to say much more – go and read her posts and you will understand how special she is! 

Thanks to everyone that did the past weekend’s Food Quiz!

Rogue answered 8 correct – wow, excellent!

Inspiration also answered 8 correct – I wonder whether my answers are right?

Mitzi did better than Rogue and Inspiration!! Excellent answers!!

Go here to read SideView’s brilliant answers!! 

1. Is couscous a grain or pasta?

A – Couscous is pasta made from ground semolina. 

2. The dish “Osso bucco” uses what cut of meat?

A – Veal shin. 

3. What is “bubble and squeak” made off?

A – Leftovers such as potato, cabbage and other greens formed into patties and fried. 

4. Which fruit is used in a black forest cake?

A – Cherries. 

5. What are the small snacks served with drinks in Spain called?

A- Tapas. 

6. What is “Ciboulette” more commonly known as?

A- It is the French word for chive. 

7. Which herb flavours a béarnaise sauce?

A – Tarragon. 

8. What is Finocchio?

A- The Italian word for bulb fennel. 

9. What is Madiba’s (Nelson Mandela’s) favourite dish?

A – Umngqusho (samp and beans). 

10. What kind of fish is used in rollmops?

A- Herring. 

Enjoy the week!

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  1. Tandy October 11, 2011 at 7:30 am #

    thanks for the effort and hard work Pink 🙂

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